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David Ballantine

David Ballantine

Research Associate

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Recent Publications - (All Publications)

Ballantine, David L., Ruiz, Hector, Lozada-Troche, Chad and Norris, James N. 2016. The genus Ramicrusta (Peyssonneliales, Rhodophyta) in the Caribbean Sea, including Ramicrusta bonairensis sp. nov. and Ramicrusta monensis sp. nov. Botanica Marina, 59(6): 417-431. doi:10.1515/bot-2016-0086

Ballantine, David L., Ruiz, Hector and Norris, James N. 2015. Notes on the benthic marine algae of Puerto Rico, XI: new records including new Meredithia (Kallymeniaceae, Rhodophyta) species. Botanica Marina, 58(5): 355-365. doi:10.1515/bot-2015-0005

Athanasiadis, Athanasios and Ballantine, David L. 2014. The genera Melyvonnea gen. nov and Mesophyllum s.s. (Melobesioideae, Corallinales, Rhodophyta) particularly from the central Atlantic Ocean. Nordic Journal of Botany, 32(4): 385-436. doi:10.1111/njb.00265

Ballantine, David L., Lozada-Troche, Chad and Ruiz, Hector 2014. Metapeyssonnelia tangerina (Peyssonneliaceae, Rhodophyta), a new species associated with coral reef habitats in Puerto Rico, Caribbean Sea. Phycological Research, 62(3): 197-205. doi:10.1111/pre.12051

Bucher, Katina E., Ballantine, David L., Lozada-Troche, Chad and Norris, James N. 2014. Wrangelia gordoniae, a new species of Rhodophyta (Ceramiales, Wrangeliaceae) from the tropical western Atlantic. Botanica Marina, 57(4): 265-280. doi:10.1515/bot-2014-0012

Lin, Showe-Mei, Huisman, John M. and Ballantine, David L. 2014. Revisiting the systematics of Ganonema (Liagoraceae, Rhodophyta) with emphasis on species from the northwest Pacific Ocean. Phycologia, 53(1): 37-51. doi:10.2216/13-201.1

Athanasiadis, Athanasios, Ballantine, David L. and Ruiz, Hector 2013. Hydrolithon abyssophila sp. nov. (Hydrolithoideae, Corallinales), a bisporic coralline from the insular shelf edge of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands (US). Botanica Marina, 56(5-6): 495-505. doi:10.1515/bot-2013-0019

Ballantine, David L. and Ruiz, H. 2013. A unique red algal reef formation in Puerto Rico. Coral Reefs, 32(2): 411 doi:10.1007/s00338-013-1016-2

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