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Ctenanthe Eichler
Abh. K. Akad. Wissensch. Berlin 1883: 81-84 (1884); Andersson, Nord. J. Bat. 1: 235 (1981).

     Rosulate or caulescent plants with antitropic leaves; cauline leaves mostly clustered. Inflorescence a sparsely to moderately branched, sometimes diffuse synflorescence, terminal; florescence bisymmetrical to markedly monosymmetrical; spathes greenish, usually persistent, florescence component of 2-12 cymules, cymules brachyblastic to (usually) subbrachyhlastic, interphyll absent, bracteoles usually present, 1-2, scale- or sheathlike. Corolla tube 1/2 the length of lobes to equal; outer staminodes 2, petaloid; callose staminode distally petaloid. (From Kubitzki, et al., p. 291)

Geographical Distribution:
     Widespread in the humid American tropics, but concentrated in SE Brazil.

Taxonomic Diversity:
     Comprises about ten species.

Ctenanthe sp.
Ctenanthe villosa H. Kenn.
Ctenanthe villosa H. Kenn.

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