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Curcumorpha A.S.Rao & D.M.Verma
Bull. Bot. Surv. India, 13(3-4): 339 (1971 publ. 1974)

Type: C. longiflora (Wall.) A.S. Rao & D.M. Verma

     Perennial, terrestrial, rhizomatous herbs. Stems spurious, formed of a few leaf-sheaths. Leaves few, distichous, petiolate, comtemporaneous with the flowers, penninerved; sheaths open. Spikes one to several, radical around the stem; peduncles short, slender, enclosed within spirally imbicating scales; rhachis slender; bracts few, spirally imbricate, 1-flowered; bracteoles scarious. Flowers fugacious, successively opening from apex downwards; calyx scarious, tridentate, deeply split on one side; corolla-tube long, slender; lobes 3, posterior larger; lateral stamindes 2, petaloid, fused ata base with the lip and the filament, forming an inflated staminodial cup; lip obovate, cuneate, entire; stamen 1; filament short; anather basifixed, scarcely crested; ovary 3-celled; placenta axile; ovules many. Fruits not seen. (From A.S.Rao & D.M.Verma, Bull. Bot. Surv. India, 13(3-4): p. 339)

Taxonomic Diversity:
     Curcumorpha comprises of one species.

Curcumorpha longiflora (Wall.) A.S.Rao & D.M.Verma
Curcumorpha longiflora (Wall.) A.S.Rao & D.M.Verma

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