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Cyphostigma Benth.
Hooker's Icon. Pl.: t. 1380 (1882); Burtt & R.M. Sm., Fl. Ceylon 4: 530, Fig. 5 (1993).

Type: C. pulchellum (Thw.) Benth.

     Herbs with creeping rhizome. Stem short with few, basal, erect leaves. Inflorescence terminal on a separate leafless shoot, lax, branched, prostrate, subterranean with only the tips of the flowers visible; bracts remote, each subtending a single resupinate flower; bracteole tubular; flowers pink; calyx tubular, shortly 3-lobed, split down 1 side; corolla tube about as long as the calyx; lateral staminodes absent; labellum about as long as the petals, orbicular, obscurely 3-lobed; filament short, anther crest petaloid, almost as large as labellum; ovary 3-locular. Capsule globose, ribbed, dehiscence unknown; seeds arillate? (From Kubitsky, et al., p. 494)

Geographical Distribution:
     Found in Sri Lanka.

Taxonomic Diversity:
     Only one species, C. pulchellum (Thw.) Benth.

Ecology and Pollination Biology:
     Found in forests, up to 1000 m. Flowers February to March.

Drawing of Cyphostigma pulchellum (Thw.) Benth. (from Dassanayake, M.D., editor, A Revised Handbook to the Flora of Ceylon, 1983, Vol. IV, p. 531)

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