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Gagnepainia K. Schum.
PfIanzenreich IV. 46: 129 (1904)

     Small herbs with short rhizome; roots fleshy, often bearing tubers. Stem short. Inflorescence a raceme, terminal on a separate leafless shoot; bracts and bracteole absent; flowers single on the rachis; flowers greenish; calyx tubular, 3-dentate; corolla tube longer than calyx; lateral staminodes petaloid, elliptic to rhombic, inserted at about the same level as the petals; labellum shorter than the petals, 3-lobed, the central lobe very short with 2 glandlike basal swellings; anther with very short crest. Capsule ellipsoid, fleshy, dehiscence unknown; seeds with short, white aril. (From Kubitzki, et al. p. 488)

Geographical Distribution:
     Found in Thailand to Cambodia and S Vietnam.

Taxonomic Diversity:
     Comprises three species.

Gagnepainia harmandii K. Schum.
Gagnepainia thoreliana K. Schum.

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