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Haplochorema K. Schum.
Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 27: 331 (1899); R.M. Sm., Notes R. Bot. Gard. Edinb. 44: 211-214 (1987)

     Low plants with creeping rhizome. Leaves few, sometimes only 1. Inflorescence terminal on the leafy shoot, few-flowered; bracts distichous, linear, each subtending a single flower, uppermost flowers opening first; bracteole boat-shaped or split to the base; flowers white; calyx membranous, tubular, 3-dentate; corolla funnel-shaped, tube narrow, not exserted beyond the bract; labellum conspicuous, broadly deltoid, 2-lobed or emarginate, spreading, together with the 2 petaloid staminodes creating a markedly quadrate appearance; filament short, broad, anther with petaloid, reflexed crest; ovary incompletely 3-locular. Capsule ellipsoid, dehiscence unknown; seeds with short, lacerate aril. (From Kubitzki, et al., p. 486)

Geographical Distribution:
     Species of Haplochorema are endemic to Borneo.

Taxonomic Diversity:
     Comprises three or four species.

Drawing of Haplochorema pauciflorum R.M. Sm. (from Notes Roy. Bot. Gard. Edinburgh 44(2): p. 212)

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