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Haumania J. Leonard
Bull. Jard. Bot. Bruxelles 19: 453-455 (1949); Milne-Redh., Kew Bull. 1950: 161-163 (1950).

     Slender-stemmed, climbing plants. Spathes persistent, ± orbicular, white. Cymules evidently dolichoblastic, interphyll and bracteoles absent. Corolla tube ca. half the length of lobes; outer staminodes 2, petaloid; ovary with 3 ovulate locules. Fruit indehiscent, tuberculate; seeds exarillate. (From Kubitzki, et al., pp. 292-293)

Geographical Distribution:
     Found in east Cameroon to Gabon and the Congo Basin.

Taxonomic Diversity:
     Two species.

Common Names, Uses and Notes:
     IPNI lists five species.

Haumania danckelmaniana (J.Braun & K.Schum.) Milne-Redh.
Haumania liebrechtsiana (De Wild. & T.Durand) J. Léonard

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