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Hitchenia Wall.
Trans. Med. Soc. Calcutta 7: 215 (1835)

     Rhizomatous herbs. Inflorescence terminal on the leafy shoot; bracts subcoriaceous, closely imbricating with recurved apex (Curcuma-like) but free from each other, terminal ones sometimes sterile (coma), few-flowered; bracteole tubular; flowers purple, yellow, or white; calyx short, tubular, minutely dentate; corolla tube slender, much longer than calyx; lateral staminodes from minute to as long as petals; labellum conspicuous and pendulous, orbicular to spathulate, emarginate to bifid; filament as long as labellum, thecae separate on a broad connective, crest absent; ovary 3-locular. Capsule trigonous, tardily dehiscent; seeds aril late. 2n = 42. (From Kubitzki, et al., pp. 482-83)

Geographical Distribution:
     Found in the Himalayan region to Myanmar.

Taxonomic Diversity:
     Three species have been described in this genus. However, new taxonomic alignments are needed.

Drawing of Hitchenia glauca by Alice Tangerini.
Hitchenia careyana Benth. & Hook. f.
Hitchenia glauca Wall.

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