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Ischnosiphon Korn.
Mem. Soc. Imper. Nat. Moscou 11: 346-348 (1859); emend. K. Schum., Pflanzenreich IV. 48: 156-158 (1902); Andersson, Opera Bot. 43 (1977), rev., Nord. J. Bot. 4: 25-32 (1984).

     Ischnosiphon are low, rosulate to very tall, shrub-, tree-, or liana-like herbs. Leaves homotropic. Inflorescence usually terminal, distinct or diffuse synflorescence but grading into simple lateral inflorescences. Florescence narrowly cylindrical, spike-like; 1-17 two-flowered symules; bracteoles usually present. Ovary uniovulate, sepals linear or sublinear. Fruit an obliquely ellipsoid capsule; seed arillate. (Harling, G. and Lennart Andersson. Flora of Ecuador, No. 32, 1988).

Geographical Distribution:
     Middle and South American genus.

Taxonomic Diversity:
     Comprises about 35 species.

Ischnosiphon elegans Standley, P.C., J. Wash.  Holotype found at the US National Herbarium
Ischnosiphon helenae L. Andersson
Ischnosiphon helenae L. Andersson

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